Functional Flow

What is Functional Flow?

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This class combines the best of Vinyasa Yoga and Functional training and consists of movement sequences that are step by step constructed into flows assisted by the breath. It is a dynamic practice to improve body awareness through exercises that focus on the different articulations in the body and movement qualities with respect for the architecture of the body. It challenges the strength by a play of balances between feet and hands, proposes new coördinations throughout the body as well encourages a wider range of motion through orientation of the body in space, the use of gravity and changes of tempo.

Each class is built up on 3 main stages, starting mapping the body through different postures and functional movement sequences, creating a set of motions for a more open exploration of flows that travel beyond the mat, to end the practice with a shaking of tension and moment of release. Functional flow practice provides tools that can be incorporated into daily life and is intended for anyone curious to expand the personal movement language.

To achieve the optimal result, we suggest following multiple courses per week in the presence of our experienced instructors.